FSG Swedish tour 23-31 May 2022

25 april 2022

Tour day-per-day
23 May: Arriving Copenhagen.
24 May: Copenhagen Sea forts.
25 May: Travel to Karlskrona with visits in town.
26 May: Aspö full day.
27 May- Travel to Nyköping. Visit Nyköping hus castle and Cold War Femöre battery.
28 May- Landsort 15,2 cm m/98 and 12 cm m/70
29 May- full day around vaxholm area
30 May- Siarö fortress and Arholma 10,5 cm m/50 battery.
31 May- return from Stockholm Arlanda and back home.

23 May 2022

Arrive Copenhagen airport at your own time and transport to Comfort Hotel Copenhagen Airport. Hotel (for two night). The hotel is close to the terminals at Kastrup airport and a Metro line for transports during the days in Copenhagen.
Included: Hotel single room at Comfort Hotel Copenhagen Airport.

24 May 2022

After breakfast a Coach trip to Charlottenlunds fort just north of the city. The fort is nowadays a camping ground with up to twelve 29 cm howitzers still present.

At 11:00 we’ll have a longer water taxi trip out to Flak fort where we have around one hour to explore the island with its fort. There is a cafe/bar on board. Continued water ride back to Middlegrund sea fort for a 1½ hour stay. From here we’ll take another and smaller water taxi that can enter the port of Tre Kronor sea fort in the inlet to Copenhagen. An hour tour with guide and around 30 min after as free time. There is a café on the island.
When back on the mainland a walk through the Citadell will get us to a metro station that takes us back to our Hotel. Back around 17.30 pm.

Included: Coach, Water-taxis, guided tours on the sea forts and ala carte dinner at the Hotel (255 DKK). Hotel single room at Comfort Hotel Copenhagen Airport.
Not included: Lunch. Drinks at dinner.
Level of difficulty (1-5): 3 – Walking on the island forts, some exploration on your own. On and off boats. Duration around 12h, resting is possible on the boat trips.

25 May 2022

After breakfast a short walk to the Kastrup station for a railroad trip to Karlskrona, Sweden. Direct trip from 09:02 to 11:46.

Visit to Västra Hästholmen fort will be made during the day. This is a fort that hasn’t been open for the last 15 years.

Included: Breakfast, train to Karlskrona, transport to Västra Hästholmen. Buffé dinner at hotel. Hotel single room.
Not included: Lunch and drinks at dinner.
Level of difficulty (1-5): 3 – Västra Hästholmen is in bad condition. Around 2-3 km of walking in town centre. Duration around 10h, 4h of that is transportation.

One entrance to the railway tunnel under the city centre of Karlskrona.
Battery H2 at Västra Hästholmen, 12 cm kanon m/1903

26 May 2022

At 10 we will join a boat trip to Kungsholms fort where we will have a guided tour. Back around 13:00 and the rest of the day will be spent on Aspö island by buss. Visits to Drottningskär, Ellenabben fortress, Ellenabben modern 7,5 cm gun and command central and Aspöberg museum.

Drottningskär in the far distance, Ellenabbens fort centre and the preserved 75mm m/57 gun from the modern Ellenabben in front.

Included: Breakfast, boat taxi, entrance to three museums and Hotel single room. Transports on Aspö. Buffe dinner at hotel.
Not included: Lunch and drinks at dinner.
Note! Internal visit to the sites at Aspö is still pending, there might only be external visits here due to bad maintenence.
Level of difficulty (1-5): 4 – Around 3 km of walking around on Aspö. The entrance to 75 mm gun is a 2 meter vertical ladder. Stairs and semi-lit rooms in smaller bunkers. Duration around 10h.

27 May 2022

Hotel breakfast followed by a longer train ride to Nyköping, with three changes en route. Leave Karlskrona 08:41, arrive Nyköping 13:13.
From here on to the end of the trip at Arlanda we’ll have three mini buses and it will be a co-shared trip with the CDSG. After a quick installation at the Blommenhof Hotel we’ll pass the Nyköpings hus, a former 16th century castle with parts dating back to the 12th century that burnt down in 1665.
Some casemates are still viewable and we’ll walk around the castle area for about 20 minutes.
The Cold War Femöre fortress in Oxelösund with its 7,5 cm m/57 guns in a central spine system. During the stay we’ll have a genuine Swedish army dinner – peasoup and panncakes followed by coffee/tea and cake. Return to the Hotel around 20:00.

A small part of the spine system at Femöre.
One of the 7,5 cm m/57 turrets aiming towards the Baltic states. Range of fire was 13 km.

Included: Breakfast, train ticket to Nyköping, transportations in Nyköping area, Swedish army dinner and Hotel single room.
Not included: Lunch that can be purchaced on the train.
Level of difficulty (1-5): 3 – Around 2 km of walking during the day. Stairs and semi-lit rooms at Femöre fort, ladders up to the gun. Duration around 13h, 4½h of that is transportation but with multiple changes of trains and change from train to coach.

28 May 2022
After hotel breakfast a day tour to Landsort island in the southern archipelago. Visits to 15,2 cm m/98 battery and the modern 12 cm m/70 gun. On the island over 4 km walking. Charter boat back to the mainland followed by a short drive to another water taxi over to Järflotta for the remaining 24 cm gun. The day ends with around 1½ hours drive to Best Western The Public Hotel in Åkersberga, northern Stockholm.

One of the 15,2 cm guns with the lighthouse and command bunker behind.
A 12 cm m//70 gun.

Included: Breakfast, transportations, charter taxi boats, entrance to two museums and Hotel single room.
Not included: Lunch and dinner.
Level of difficulty (1-5): 4 – At least 4 km of walking on Landsort and 2 km on Järflotta. In addition walking in the two guns with ladders and stairs. Duration around 12h, 4h of that is landtransport and 1h on ferry.

29 May 2022
After breakfast a day tour to Vaxholm area by coach with visits to the Vaxholm citadel, Rindö redutt, Oscar-Fredriksborg, Fredriksborg (with light lunch) and some of the Vaxholms defence line. Hotel Best Western The Public Hotel in Åkersberga.


Included: Breakfast, transportations, entrance to two museums and Hotel single room.
Not included: Dinner.
Level of difficulty (1-5): 3 – At least 2 km of walking during the day exploring forts outside and also inside Vaxholm and Oscar-Fredrikborg. Semi-lit rooms and narrow spaces. Duration around 12h, on and off the coach during the day.

30 May 2022
After a hotel breakfast mini bus drive to a water taxi over to Siarö fortress with a guided tour. Around lunch we are back on the mainland and will have an 1½h drive to the next water taxi från Simpnäs to Arholma, with the Cold War 10,5 cm m/50 gun. Guided tour and back on the mainland around 19:00. Drive to Arlanda airport for Connect Hotel in Arlandastad.

One of two 15,2 cm guns at Siarö.
The preserved 10,5 cm m/50 gun at Arholma.

Included: Breakfast, entrance to two museums, transportations, watertaxis and Hotel single room. Barbeque buffe on Arholma.
Not included: Lunch and drinks at dinner.
Level of difficulty (1-5): 3 – Around 3 km of walking during the day. Stairs, semi-lit rooms. On and off boats on two occations. Duration around 13h, 4h of that is coach transport.

31 May 2022
Tour ends after breakfast at Arlanda airport for your connection home. A transfer bus is available from the hotel to the Arlanda terminals.

Where dinners are not included they can differ between 100-300 SEK/person/night.
Changes in price due to unforeseen circumstances will be added to the price below and will be addressed as soon as possible. Example can be that a hotel closes due to the pandemic and we need to change to a more expensive hotel in a late stage.
Lunches will usually be sandwiches or similar from local supermarkets at the travellers own expense and purchase.
The price is calculated from a exchage rate between SEK and DKK of 1.5 for the time in Denmark. If that rate at time of the tour is higher than 1.5 the price may have to be altered a bit.

For members of both FSG and CDSG that wants to join both trips there is a special price that includes both tours.

This tour costs 20.800 SEK including swedish tax. (Discount of 2.800 SEK for part of twin/double room)
This was 19.000 SEK in 2021. The additional costs are due to lower numbers, additional costs for transports and more dinners included.

Booking or interest in booking:
Should always start with a contact with lars@bunkertours.se, subject: FSG- tour. The sooner the better with your intent. A confirmation from FSG that you are a member will be done.
There is a booking fee of 3000 SEK that should be payed to bunkertours.se to secure a place on the trip. Payment can be made via paypal or bank transfer.
Payment of the total amount should be made latest seven weeks before the trip starts. Payment can be made via paypal or bank transfer.
Questions that you think will benefit others can be made here as well.
If attendees are less than 20 to this trip, bunkertours.se will add local non-FSG members to join.

Pandemic and cancellation:
Bunkertours.se can not be responsible for flight tickets or other expenses outside Sweden and Denmark.
Some of the sites are not usually open to the public and can therefor be subject to cancellation.
Please note that if an outbreak of the Covid virus would accour at a late stage in Denmark, the Swedish border can close and we need to cancel the Danish part of the trip and you need to fly into a Swedish airport instead.

Bunkertours does not have a special insurance that handles cancelled transportation or events/guided tours. The traveller should have adequate insurance for travelling in Sweden and Denmark.

Good to know:
Lunches will usually be sandwiches or similar from local supermarkets at the travellers own expense and purchase.
On some nights we will eat at the same place, otherwise there will be suggestions on various places in different price categories. Google is also good to suggest restaurants. At places with limited options tables will be preliminary booked for everyone in advance.
Minibus travels as well as rental car travel mean a lot of lifting and carrying luggage. To be able to handle luggage, please try and cope with one check-in luggage and a smaller for camera etc.
List of things to bring will be distributed well before the trip.
Some days will be longer than others, some will have a higher tempo than others.

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