Tornautomatbatteri 10.5 cm m/50 ENG

Over 50 years after the first military practice with the battery and more than ten years after being transferred to a museum, we can now present the book about battery Arholma and the two other batteries made in the 10.5 cm m/50 Cold War Costal Artillery system.
Why was Arholma chosen for a Costal battery already in the 1940s.
How was it be an officer at the presumed frontier towards the enemy for over 50 years ?
Lars A. Hansson and Vladan Lausevic have studied archives and talked to people and with a number of chapter-writers they have summed up the military history of Arholma, the story of the battery and gun type, the bed-rock facilities and how a top-secret site was transferred to a museum.

The book contains 116 pages in A4 format. 274 pictures where of; 11 scans from newspapers and governmental press releases; 31 drawing from the three batteries.
The book contains a total translation to English that is merged into the Swedish text and the pictures.

How to order:

The book costs 220 SEK + 130 SEK for European postage. Please contact lars(at) to arrange payment and shipment.