Denmark and Regan Vest

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Date(s) - 01/09/2023 - 03/09/2023

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Special tour of Regan Vest (Regeringanlegg Vest – Government site West) with additional visits in Civil defence command centrals, German Luftwaffe bunkers and Danish Cold War air force command bunker..

A chance to look into Regan Vest in a slower pace and to be able to take photos inside. (Photo is not permitted on the ordinary 1,5h tour that is sold via the museum).

Date: 1-3 September 2023
Cost: 4.800 SEK (at exchange rate DKK-SEK 1,6). With twin/double-rooms reduce 850 SEK.
Size of group: 15 (5 available)

Included: Hotel in Denmark for two nights (single room) with breakfast. Entrance to special tour of Regan Vest, entrance to Ejeby bunker in Copenhagen, Skandersborg bunkers and Odense civil defence bunker.
Not included: Travel to and within Denmark, food, snacks and drinks.

Travel to Denmark: Closest major airport is Copenhagen.

Booking: Is made via lars(@) and after that a booking fee of 800 SEK to secure a place.

Program: (subject to minor changes)

1 September

Meet up in Malmö or Copenhagen. Everyone should be in their (rental) cars latest 15:30.

Transport over to Copenhagen and the Vestvolden defence line where we will visit the air force Cold War Ejebybunkern, that was a command central for the NIKE och Hawk systems.

Visit 16:00 to 18:00.

1h40 min travel to Odense and Hotel Odense where everyone can have a late dinner (kitchen closes 21:00).

2 September

Departure after breakfast around 09:00 for a 1h20 min transport to Skanderborg where German bunkers from Luftwaffe will be visited among with a German command bunker that during the Cold War was reused for the Danish Civil defence as their community command centre. Guided tours between 10:30 and 14:00.

At 14:00 another transport for 1h to REGAN VEST where we’ll have 1h before start of the tour. This tour is 3h instead of the normal 1h15min and we have permission to photograph for private use, something that is not allowed on a normal tour. We will see more of the emergency tunnels and ventilation systems than usual. Before or after the tour we will look at the above-ground installations.

Short transport to Rebild and Cromwell hotel for dinner and overnight stay.

3 September

Transport back towards Copenhagen after breakfast around 09:00 with a stop in Odense and the Civil defence command central from the Cold War era. This one is different to other command centrals in Denmark with a bigger display area. After 1h-1½ h the official tour is over and each car heads back to Copenhagen/Malmö area. Stop en route can be the military pansar museum East or some of the sea-forts of Copenhagen that can be accessed from land.

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