Regan Vest and northern Jutland

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Date(s) - 19/04/2023 - 21/04/2023
11:00 - 23:45

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Special tour of Regan Vest (Regeringanlegg Vest – Government site West) with additional visits in Civil defence command and Costal artillery bunkers from both Second World War and the Cold War.

A chance to look into Regan Vest in a slower pace and to be able to take photos inside. (Photo is not permitted on the ordinary 1,5h tour that is sold via the museum).

Date: 19-21 April 2023
Cost: 6.600 SEK
Size of group: 19 (2 seats left)

Included: Travel in rental cars from/to Århus airport. Hotel in Ålborg for two nights (single room). Entrance to special tour of Regan Vest, entrance to Rebiuld museum with Regan Vest display and lime-stone mine, entrance to Bangsbo and Hanstholm fort. Visits to open-air batteries at Hanstholm and Vigsö. Guided tours hopefully in English but simultaneous translations may occur.
Not included: Travel to Denmark, food, snacks and drinks.

Travel to Denmark: Closest major airport is Århus with connection to London, Stockholm and Copenhagen. Billund, a bit further, has more connections.

Travel in rental cars: Large rental cars will be hired from major rental companies. Four people per car. One volunteer per car is needed to drive. If a group of four is travelling together they are free to organise the booking themselves. People travelling in own car is alright as long as it is corresponded and if the car can host more people there will be a reduction in price.
If people need to travel to/from other airports and 4 people per rental car can’t be achieved, an additional fee may apply.

Booking: Is made via lars(@) and after that a booking fee of 1000 SEK to secure a place.

Cost: Included 3-4 star hotels and rental cars, both with a rather high price-tag. Budget is calculated a bit high and can hopefully be reduced if all seats are taken on the tour.

Program: (subject to minor changes)
Tour start with the arrival of BRA flight from Stockholm to Århus at 10:20, leaving in rental cars around 11:00. Visits to bunkers in either Skanderborg, Randers and/or Handsund before arrival close to Regan Vest. First a visit to the Thingbæk Chalk Mines / Rebild Center with underground visit as well as a exhibition over the Regan Vest.
Before we enter into Regan Vest we’ll have time to visit the top of the bunker.
The tour of Regan Vest will be split in two groups of 10 people each, starting 16:15 and 16:30. The first 1½ hour is the original tour, followed by another 1 hour of photo opportunities and detailed looks of the bunker. Photos are not to be used commercial and a letter will be signed by everyone before the tour starts.
Ends at 19:00, hotel just 10 min away at Comwell Hotel Rebild.

2nd day contains 330 km in car and three major stops. First north-east to Fredrikshavn and Bangsbo German costal artillery battery. After a tour of the battery a longer drive to the wet coast of Denmark and battery Hanstholm with the four 38 cm gun-pits and a interesting museum over the German occupation, even with a ammunition train running. The day will end in the area with the abandoned battery Hanstholm 1 and the bunkers on the shore of Vigsö, as part of the Atlantic Wall.
At Hotel in Ålborg around 19:30.

Day 3, 21 April, is a return-to-home day. The price includes return drive to Århus airport. Depending of return flights additional visits can be made in the area Ålborg-Århus-Skanderborg, which is not included in the above price and will be negotiated between the interested and bunkertours (the tour leader will stay in the area for the weekend).

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