Mid Sweden bunkers,mining and nature

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Date(s) - 07/08/2024 - 11/08/2024
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A five day trip through Sweden from Arlanda up to Östersund-Sundsvall.

Visits are;
Sala silvermine.
Tyfors 2WW gun-powder factory, both above and below ground.
One totally preserved 2WW strong-point towards the Norwegian border at Särna and another partly sealed at Mörkret.
Fulufjället National Park with Sweden’s highest waterfall. A 2-3h hike.
One Cold War military river crossing.
Mid-Sweden all-year around cross country skiing in a former Cold War storage facillity.
Two Cold War costal artillery batteries around Sundsvall.

Arrival on your own cost, latest 7th August 12:00 at Stockholm Arlanda.
Departure on your own cost, earliest 11th August 21:00 at Stockholm Arlanda.

Price: 9.000-10.000 SEK  (7-11 attending)
Included in price: One car (tour operator). All hotels with additional breakfast. Entrances. Water taxi. Petrol for all cars.
Not included: One or two rental cars for five days (will be split between all travellers). Lunch, snacks and dinners. Last nights hotel at Arlanda if needed.
How to book: Seats are limited – send me a mail on lars(@)bunkertours.se. When I have said OK to join, book flights and prove that you have booked a flight or send a deposit. Final payment is made closer to the trip.

7 August

Arrival from your home latest 12:00 to Arlanda airport to be able to leave in rental cars by 13:00.
1h20min drive to Sala and the silver mine where we either have a 3h special tour, if possible at that time of the day, or a 75 min more standard trip. (Price includes the longer tour).
Hotel in Ludvika 1h30min from Sala, arrivning around 19:30

8 august
Tyfors 1 and Tyfors 2 are two facillities making gun-powder during the 2WW. One is above ground and one below. They are 1h from the hotel. We will have around 6h here to explore both sites.
Transport 1h30min to hotel in Mora, the city of Vasaloppet.

9 august
2h drive to Särna, partly along a small road called the Gun road, used to transport training units to the huge shooting range at Älvdalen.
We will visit the preserved 2WW strong-point along the main road to Norway just north of Särna for 2h and then a short trip to another stronhold closer to Norway, at Mörkret (“The darkness”). This is on the rim to Fulufjället national park and if the weather isn’t too bad we’ll do a hike to Swedens highest waterfall and perhaps also up on the bare mountain to check for the worlds oldest tree.
After returning to the cars we have a 1h45min drive through wilderness to Sveg for a hotel during the night

10 august
Drivning through skiresorts will get us to the small village of Åsarna where the military made a redundant road on the river bed to be able to cross a river even with bridges destroyed. After another 1h30min we arrive to Gällö where the military had a huge storage facillity during the Cold war. This was transfered to a cross country ski tunnel a few yeras back and we’ll explore the mountain for around 3h.
Another 2h drive will get us to Sundsvall where we will explore a Cold War costal artillery battery 7,5 cm m/57 that has been reopened by the owner. Nothing left inside.
Hotel in Sundsvall,

11 august
A ½h drive will get us to the boat jetty of Spikarna where water taxis will bring us to the island of Storholmen, a former 15,2 cm costal battery where the guns are preserved and some of the things in the over 1,4 km long tunnel system. We’ll explore this for around 5h with a plan to be back on the mainland around 15:00 for a 4h drive to Arlanda airport.
Either for a last night in Sweden and an early flight back or if there is a late evening flight back.

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