Mid Sweden bunkers & mining

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Date(s) - 02/08/2024 - 06/08/2024
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A five day trip through Sweden from Arlanda up to Sundsvall.

Visits are;
Sala silvermine.
Tyfors 2WW gun-powder factory, both above and below ground.
One Cold War military river crossing.
Mid-Sweden all-year around cross country skiing in a former Cold War storage facility.
Two Cold War costal artillery batteries around Sundsvall.

Arrival on your own cost, latest 2th August 16:00 at Stockholm Arlanda.
Departure on your own cost, earliest 6th August 16:30 at Stockholm Arlanda.

Price: 9.000-10.000 SEK  (7-11 attending)
Included in price: Rental cars. All hotels with additional breakfast. Entrances. Water taxi. Petrol for all cars.
Not included: Lunch, snacks and dinners.
How to book: Seats are limited – send me a mail on lars(@)bunkertours.se. When I have said OK to join, book flights and prove that you have booked a flight or send a deposit. Final payment is made closer to the trip.

2 August

Arrival from your home latest 16:00 to Arlanda airport to be able to leave in rental cars by 16:30.
2h30min drive to Hudiksvall for overnight stay.

3 august
A 1½h drive will get us to the boat jetty of Spikarna where water taxis will bring us to the island of Storholmen, a former 15,2 cm costal battery where the guns are preserved and some of the things in the over 1,4 km long tunnel system. We’ll explore this for around 5h with a plan to be back on the mainland.
A 40 min drive will get us to the southern part of Sundsvall and the re-opened 7,5 cm m/57 battery where the central bed-rock tunnel and at least one gun is open but mostly stripped of equipment.
Night in downtown Sundsvall.

4 august
A 1½h drive will get us to the city of Ånge where a privately owned civil defence command central will be visited. Another 45 min will get us to Gällö where the military had a huge storage facility during the Cold war. This was transferred to a cross country ski tunnel a few years back and we’ll explore the mountain for around 3h.
Another 2½h drive will get us to Sveg for a overnight stay. En route we’ll stop outside the small village of Åsarna where the military made a redundant road on the river bed to be able to cross a river even with bridges destroyed.

5 august
After breakfast, a long drive through the mid-Sweden wilderness with stops. At 13:00 we’ll arrive at Tyfors for visits. Tyfors 1 and Tyfors 2 are two facillities making gun-powder during the 2WW. One is above ground and one below.
After some 5-6 hours here we have 1h to the hotel in Ludvika, arriving around 20:00.

6 august
1½h drive will get us to Sala Silver mine where we’ll have a free walk around both above and below ground for a normal visit. We’ll coordinate departing flights with a transport of 1h20min from Sala to Arlanda.

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